Our student leaders have become a vital part of our operations as a school…their role and influence will only continue to grow during the course of the year. Our leaders were announced at the Awards Presentation held in December, 2017 and again mentioned at the school’s first assembly. Congratulations to the following students on their 2018 roles: School Captains: Matt Clarke and Amy Veenstra



This year, sixteen students and two teachers, Mrs Madya and Mrs Siti from our sister school SMP 5 Yogyakarta have come to live with local families and attend Cobden Technical School classes for a week.

The students have had a great time taking part in lessons ranging from Maths to Home Eco. On Wednesday August 23 we all went to Flagstaff Hill and Tower Hill to experience and learn about the local indigenous and settler history of Victoria’s South West. Students have also enjoyed spending time with their host families, watching netball and footy along with taking a trip along the Great Ocean Road and some even went to Sovereign Hill in Ballarat.

Gemma Kelly is hosting Fidela (Dela) and Sam Parsons is hosting Alyssa. They have written the following piece about their experiences.

“It has been a great experience to be a host family and to get to know the students from Indonesia. We showed them around the community and surrounding areas as they took photos and stood in awe at the views they might not get athome, attempting to speak as much Indonesian as we can to them as they have been doing a great job at speaking English, one of the hardest languages in the world to learn and speak."

In the last week, we have become great friends with these girls and boys and hope to see them again and continue talking to them via social media. We both hope to host again in the future as it has been an honour and experience to welcome them into our home and community. We also hope the other families had a blast and encourage more Cobden Technical School families to host in the future. Sam and I will continue our Indonesian studies and hopefully go over to Indonesia one day and use what we have learnt at school and from our exchange students in the future.”

Our next Sister School event will be the second Cobden Technical School Indonesian Tour to Java and Bali, which will occur in September next year. Stay tuned for further information on how you can join the tour!

Assistant Principal
Shenfield Blue House leader  
Glenfyne Gold House leader  
Tandarook Red House leader  

Cobden Technical School is committed to a holistic approach to education that focuses on both academic and personal development. Research suggests that a well-designed House system generates stronger student relationships with peers and teachers, greater extra curricula participation, academic performance and a sense of community.

We have implemented a House system as one of our strategies for creating a safe and secure learning environment. The House program contains three smaller communities:

  • Tandarook Red
  • Glenfyne Gold
  • Shenfield Blue

Each House is further broken down into four Mentor Groups. Each Mentor Group will have approximately 16 – 18 students from a range of year levels. House Leader, House Assistants and a number of mentors lead the Houses, along with elected student leaders.

Students will be encouraged to develop meaningful relationships in their mentor groups and evidence suggests that belonging to a House group and participating in House activities will build student self-esteem and morale, foster personal and community pride, drive the school’s culture and develop leadership capacity.

Junior School Directions (Google Maps)

This Wednesday for a 6:45pm start in Johnno's Shed. We are looking forward to welcoming prospective students and their families next week to meet our staff and students to hear about our programs and see our facilities. As previously explained, we have gone a bit later than other schools with our open night this year so we can have tours through the refurbished Trades Wing which is part of the Corangamite Trades Skills Cluster. The construction works will not be complete until midway through Term 4, but there is already enough to get a good idea of what the new Technology learning spaces will look like in 2018.

Other Facilities Improvements – We are delighted with the result of the new shared car park between the Hampden Specialist School and CTS and very soon we will commence a major disability access upgrade to the entire school. Architects are putting the finishing touches to this long-awaited project which should be going out to construction tender very soon.