Toward the end of Term 4 it has been a part of our school’s program to conduct upgrade classes for students entering or continuing VCE studies. This has provided a start on VCE Units 1 and 3, commencing subject coursework so that students understand the nature of the subjects they have selected, and so that they can do some productive work over the summer break. 

This year we will extend this program to become a whole school upgrade for all students. This means that Year 7 students will commence their Year 8 subjects, Year 8 students will commence Year 9 studies, and so on throughout the school. 

This means that we effectively end 2016 classes a week early for Years 7 to 10, and remove the end of year activity program, to create the 10 days of upgrade program for all students. Doing this will make staffing the program easier, and students in Year 10 that take on a VCE subject will not miss classes to attend the upgrade. Although students may not have their textbooks, teachers will provide meaningful learning experiences in keeping with the course outline for each subject.

It is expected that all of our current Year 7 to 11 students will attend the upgrade program as they will be normal school days, and are part of the normal attendance days.