Maths News by Margo Horan

During third term, the following students participated in the UNSW Mathematics Competition. I would like to congratulate and thank the following students who took up the challenge of being involved in this extra-curricula activity.

  • Year 7:   Lilley Ayres (Proficiency)  Peter Bell (Credit) Tanner Fratantaro (Participation) Tyson Kelly (Participation) Kurt Merrett (Proficiency) 
  • Year 8 :  Ingrid Bellman (Proficiency)  Kris Duynhoven (Participation) Hunter Reynolds (Proficiency)   Raymond Tindall (Proficiency)  
  • Year 9 :   Leigh Ball (Participation) Seth McIntosh (Proficiency)  Tess McKenzie (Participation) Ryleigh McVilly (Proficiency)  
  • Year 10 : Grace Dawson (Proficiency)  Jacinta Henriksen (Credit) Molly Hutt (Participation) Georgia McDonald (Participation) Jazmine Negrello (Participation)  Chloe Watson (Participation) Briony Ziegelaar (Proficiency)  
  • Year 11 :  Jacob Howard (Participation) Douglas Jackson (Participation) Georgina Jackson (Participation) Joshua Perry (Proficiency) Harley Reynolds (Credit)  Michael Russell (Proficiency)  Marcus Watson (Participation)

As this will be my last Maths report for the year, I would like to thank all the Maths staff for their support.  I would also like to acknowledge the wonderful work of Sarah Oakley, Blaire Plowman and Ellen Podbury.  These wonderful teachers are leaving us this year and they will be greatly missed by staff and students at Cobden Tech. Thank you to Justin Staunton for taking over Ms Podbury’s classes – what a coup for the Maths Department!  Finally, a huge thank you to Gill Hampson for her guidance and encouragement to me throughout this year.