SRC REPORT by Jason Beveridge

The SRC held its first meeting for the year on Friday 10 February. The meeting was well attended and we encourage interested students from all year levels to attend the next meeting. The first order of business was to elect a leadership team. The leadership team in 2017 comprises of; President – Sage Robbins, Vic-President – Georgina Jackson, Treasurer – Brad McKenzie, Secretary – Skye McKenzie.

The next order of business was to organise a best dressed competition and barbecue for the swimming sports. Many students went to the effort of dressing up, many more wore their house colours, and this ensured the swimming sports were a colourful event. The best dressed male was awarded to Marcus Watson and the best dressed female to Rose Morrissey. Congratulations to both of them and they received a $20 voucher courtesy of the SRC. The best dress from each house also received $5 canteen vouchers courtesy of the SRC. The swimming sports barbecue was also a huge success and raised over $200 for the SRC. Well done to everyone who supported the barbecue and a special well done to the senior boys who did a great job of preparing, cooking and managing the barbecue. Thankyou Douglas Jackson, Harley Reynolds, Jason Coverdale, George Gay, Michael Russell and Lachlan Price.