by Ryan McCluggage

We were extremely lucky to welcome dual Paralympian gold medallist Josh Hose to our school community on Friday. For those unaware of Josh’ story, he spoke to Year 9-10 students and staff about how on 26 January 2005, he was involved in a car accident that left him a C6 – C7 paraplegic: Josh dislocated a vertebra when the roof of his car collapsed after a rollover. He ended up spending two weeks in amedically induced coma during his recovery. His subsequent paralysis is from the waist down. Josh shared the recovery process; returning back home to Camperdown; and his subsequent inspiring journey towards playing and representing Australia in Wheelchair Basketball at both the London and Rio Olympics. Students were given an explanation of the game and the different classifications of disability and had time for questions and photos with the GOLD medals that Josh was a part of at both Olympics. He provided many succinct takeaway messages about the kids and is a local role model for our students to draw strength from.

Student comments:

“It was really good, really inspiring. Just because he had a major setback it didn’t stop him from achieving something great” Rose Morrisey “He made the most of his challenges – he turned a bad situation into something he could be proud of” - Tarnya Gration “A great role model – it just goes to show that you’re not invincible and car accidents can happen to anyone. Still a happy go lucky bloke even though he was wheelchair bound” Brad McKenzie