In addition to the Principal and Assistant Principal, students have:
House leaders
Mentor leaders who monitor their well-being.

Other major student support features include:
Student Wellbeing team consisting of Counsellors,School Chaplain, Health Promotion Officer and an Engagement & Wellbeing Coordinator

A strong program for students with special needs is led by our Program for Students with Disabilities Manager. We also have a Careers Education Coordinator, a Literacy Coordinator and Numeracy Coordinator.

At Cobden Technical School we are tangibly Committed To Students and Committed To Success.

FREE EVENT: “You The Man” Live Theatre Performance

Women’s Health & Wellbeing Barwon South West is bringing the thought-provoking one-man play “You The Man” to the south west for school and community performances during the 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence. “You The Man” is a play about dating violence and bystander action, followed by a panel discussion with key people in the field of family violence. The engaging and entertaining live theatre performance will see one man play six characters (none of whom are victims or perpetrators) wrestling with their responses to unhealthy relationship issues. ??With teen and university dating abuse shockingly common, addressing unhealthy relationships and dating violence prevention and intervention is needed now more than ever. We are all bystanders who can help save lives and create stronger communities.

Isn’t it time you were part of the conversation? We invite you to join us for the FREE community performances: (REGISTRATION ESENTIAL…)


Wednesday, 30th November, Warrnambool Corporate Centre @ Deakin (163 Timor St), 6.30pm for light refreshments, 7pm performance. Registration essential online: 



Thursday, 1st December, Camperdown Theatre Royal (210-212 Manifold St) 6.30pm for light refreshments, 7pm performance. Registration online essential:



by Jane Hammer

On Friday 26 th August CTS held it’s second annual Wellbeing Carnival. The carnival aimed to promote mental health awareness and wellbeing, through various presentations and workshops throughout the day. This year’s highlights include; 

A key speaker, Arthur Bolkas, who spoke to boys in Year 9 and 10 on ‘Masculinity: the battle to be a man” 

Boys sometimes have a distorted understanding of masculinity, that prevents them from getting help and the importance of positive heroes and male role models. Arthur also spoke to students about what success means and substance abuse. Other activities included; dancing, martial arts, yoga/mindfulness and a ‘tough mudder’ obstacle course. 

Some of you attended the 'Elevate' study session Monday afternoon with Adam, the presenter. He presented a great many useful tips to maximise your exam results by increasing your study skills. For others, you've already got your mind set on apprenticeships and maybe you think 'this doesn't apply to me'.

But, read on, because apprentices have their own issues to face. Do you already have an apprenticeship? Well done, are you going to finish what you started? More information about this can be found right here.

Successful people have a plan:

A plan is your highway to success. This plan is realistic and attainable. It takes you from where you are now, to where you want to be. Like they say; when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If the dream is the foundation, then the plan is the architect’s drawing. You can start taking baby steps today. The energy you create will connect you to a path that will show you how to achieve your dream. Just Start.

Successful People are willing to work hard:

We’re not talking about hard work. Successful people don’t always need to work hard, but the key word is “willing.” They don’t procrastinate. They will do what it takes to make their dreams come true, as opposed to those who will simply give up when they think it is too much effort to achieve something valuable. When you are willing to work hard at something the end result is always that much more enjoyable.

They are focused:

You will find that you can achieve more once you begin to concentrate on your goals and objectives. You won’t

Winter time. Great time to make sure you're warm. In your school uniform. It's important that you wear your school uniform. Staff should question you if you are not in uniform. Why? Well, apart from the fact that you've signed the school policy at the start of the year and you agreed to wear it. You do know that at school we prepare you for the 'real world', the one that you'll need to work in and get a full time job? Guess what, uniform is part of this world. So get into the habit now.

Well done to all houses and teams for creating their sculptures and creatures.

Winning entry Tandarook group T3, runner up Tandarook T5