On Tuesday 27th November, Year 9 and 10 students attended ‘You The Man’ at the Camperdown Theatre, with students from Mercy Regional College and Camperdown College. ‘You The Man’ is a live theatre performance exploring individuals wrestling with their own responses to unhealthy relationship issues. Throughout the thought-provoking performance, students watched one actor switch between six different characters (who each had a different relationship to a female victim of violence), engaging students to learn further about dating violence and bystander action. The performance of ‘You The Man’ allowed students to consider warning signs of abusive behaviour, explore consent and societal pressures, along with identifying appropriate strategies for early intervention in unhealthy relationships. The performance was followed by a panel discussion with key organisations who work in the field of family violence locally.

‘You The Man’ provided a lovely extension to the work that Cobden Technical School are doing in Respectful Relationships and the Achievement Program. Student were provided the unique opportunity to engage meaningfully with an important issue thanks to the work of Women’s Health and Wellbeing Barwon South West, who secured a Free From Violence Grant and partnered with South West Healthcare and Corangamite Shire to bring the performance free of charge to local schools.

by Brianna Sinnott - Student Wellbeing Counsellor