by Jane Hammer

On Friday 26 th August CTS held it’s second annual Wellbeing Carnival. The carnival aimed to promote mental health awareness and wellbeing, through various presentations and workshops throughout the day. This year’s highlights include; 

A key speaker, Arthur Bolkas, who spoke to boys in Year 9 and 10 on ‘Masculinity: the battle to be a man” 

Boys sometimes have a distorted understanding of masculinity, that prevents them from getting help and the importance of positive heroes and male role models. Arthur also spoke to students about what success means and substance abuse. Other activities included; dancing, martial arts, yoga/mindfulness and a ‘tough mudder’ obstacle course. 

Feedback from Year 9 students; 

  • “You don’t need money to be successful” 
  • “Even a failure can be a success. We learn from mistakes” 
  • “Be ourselves” 
  • “Success = family and what it means for you. It’s about enjoying your job rather than the money.” 

“The MI fellowship speaker was great. He was bullied as a child and later turned to drugs and alcohol to escape his problems. It wasn’t until recently that he was diagnosed with depression. There’s help everywhere-friends, family, helplines.” 

Feedback from Year 10 and 11 students; 

  • “Arthur shared his story about what he did wrong and used alcohol and drugs because he didn’t like himself. He got into the wrong crowd. But he turned his life around. He’s been through a lot but he came out the other side” 
  • “Alcohol and smoking are the gateway drugs that lead to other drugs. He learned from the men around him that weren’t the best mentors.”

Feedback from Year 7 and 8 students; 

  • “Dancing was fun because we learned hand movements and it got my brain working” 
  • “Tough mudder (obstacle course) was awesome. It was funny as. We were racing with Marissa in the bin and it rolled over. No one was hurt. That was the best thing we ever did. Can we do it next year?” 
  • “The headspace speaker was interesting because we learned about stress and depression and talked about getting help and talking to other people.” 
  • “Boxing was fun and we got our muscles working.” 
  • “Arthur’s story was an inspiration because it was real. He was bad to start off with then he got better and helped others.”