Most people in rural areas probably rely on their transport quite a bit. To run their business or to travel to the nearest town or city. There's no public transport which means it's very important to look after your vehicles. Look after your engine and your engine will look after you.

One of the most important components of an engine are the piston rings. If they are worn out, or worse; broken, the engine will either stop functioning altogether. At best you will lose a significant amount of horsepower and you're wasting a lot of expensive fuel going nowhere fast.

At school, one of the values we promote is 'excellence'. You can think of excellence as the piston rings for you, as if you were the engine. When you can't be bothered to try, or think that 'near enough is close enough', then you are like worn piston rings, wasting an enormous amount of your life's engine potential.

If you want to get the most bang for your buck in your school life you will need to strife for excellence. Striving means trying for it. If you see a comment on your report about 'lack of effort' that means you still need to strife for excellence. Precision and persistence become performance which is a valuable workplace skill.