Paying attention, following instructions, and listening are some of the most important skills we will need to get through life. The world would be in complete chaos if no one ever followed instructions. This is why rules and laws are made, so our world can run smoothly and become a better place. The same principles apply to the classroom and school.

In order for the classroom to be a good learning environment it has to have organisation. Teachers have to have simple classroom rules in order to achieve this. Our education is a very important aspect in our lives. In order to have a good job and make a living an education is needed.

Imagine what would happen if you do not follow orders/instructions from your employer? How long would it be before you need to look for employment elsewhere? Imagine not following instructions / orders in the armed forces: there will be immediate consequences. Following instructions is part of a number of skills and behaviours that will help you be employable so start practising at school now.