It wasn't much warmer inside than outside at the Terang Sports Stadium on Friday the 15th of June when our Intermediate boys basketball team took on some of the local school rivals. Noah, Joe,Rhys,Xavier Hunter and Stuart made up our team. Our first game was at 9.40 where we played the Terang College team 1 boys which was a close game. A tough game to open with. Next we played the 2nd Terang College intermediates and we won a close game. After nearly an hour's break we took on the Mercy Regional College team which gave us a good reminder we have to be on our game all the time, every second. They gave us the chance to be graceful losers...

Virtually straightaway we came up against a very close game with Timboon P12 intermediates. We lost, but only just. To finish the day we were pitted against Camperdown College and we were doing just great until a bit after half time when things turned really tight. In the end they snuck away with a victory in a very close and hard fought game. A 'well done' to our intermediate boys team for giving a red hot go. It's amazing the amount of food they put away until you see the energy they put into a game. Also a big thank you to Belinda Savage who umpired and scored nearly all day and lastly, to Mr Leigh Grinton who very kindly came in to coach the team for two of five games.

ps. the only one smiling in this photo didn't do any of the running around and therefore had plenty of energy left to grin...

Congratulations to our students and staff who managed to beat the best and brought home the 2018 State Champions lawn bowls.

Basic information for guardians/parents. Full details in the school's newsletter.

Bussing will be as normal. Town students go straight to the swimming pool. No passouts from the pool at all unless parent collects you. Order your salad roll today at the school canteen. You need to be at the pool by 8.50. First event starts at 9am.

Clothing: bring your bathers, towel and a sun hat, get extra points for dressing in house colours. and prizes for best dressed as well.

Points: 1 for attending, 1 for dressing in house colours, 3 points for 3rd place, 5 for second place, 10 for 1st place.

Novelty events: 14 yrs and under = cork scramble, kickboard relay

All ages = boogie board relay

17yrs and up = hungry hippo; 4 girls and 4 boys per house team

15-16yrs = lab coat relay = 4 girls and 4 boys per house team

Imagine a submarine pinging its way around Lake Gillear. That's what we all thought when the rains started teeming down on the Interschool Dirtbike Teams (IDT) venue at Allansford. Officials from the Warrnambool Motorcycle Club said 'it'll be dry when its dry'. And, guess what, that is exactly what happened. Within the space of a few weeks we went from Olympic type swimming pools to, would you believe, dust!?

On Friday the 3rd of November nine schools battled it out for the honour of taking home the 'Interschool Dirtbike Team Challenge' trophy. AKA 'the headless ironhorseman trophy'...

It was the eighth year of running this event and we had students from Brauer College, Lilydale High School, Cobden Technical School, Portland Secondary College, Trinity College Colac, Colac Secondary College, Emmanuel College, Terang P-12 and Timboon P-12. We'll get to the results later.

Without exception, the students displayed the IDT values of Courage, Tenacity and Sportsmanship. This was evident during the race, after the race and before proceedings got under way. Everyone co-operated, students gave freely of their talents and skills just so other schools could have a complete 'relay team'.

We saw the sportsmanship during the race when we had two minor incidents where riders would stop to care for a fellow rider. A big cheer to Sophie who's having her knee looked after and a 'courage' award to Tayla who broke her bike, said that 'it's just my back is out of alignment, that's all' and ended up being the 'barrel girl' for our raffle.

Big congratulations to our Lawn Bowls Team(s), and Mr. Michael Nixon on their recent win at the Greater Western Region Finals at Ararat.  There were ten teams, which competed on the day. The teams were divided into three sections, and our Teams both won their respective pools. 

Both teams then also won their semi-finals. Team A defeated Ballarat 6 – 5 in a very close semi-final, and Team B defeated Colac Secondary School 15 – 0. Both teams then qualified for the grand final and ended up competing against each other in the Grand final with Team A coming out on top with a good win 15-3. 

Also a big thank you to Mrs. Veronica Ball for assisting on the day and Mr. Nixon’s brilliant team Manager/Coaching role. The School has now qualified for the School Sport Victoria State Final to be played at Darebin Bowling Club on Wednesday May 3rd .

Congratulations to all winners of awards at local Club level, well done.  

  • Cobden Bombers Football - Leading Goal Kicker - Sam Giblett
  • Cobden Bombers Football - Most Improved - Jack Gaut
  • Cobden Bombers Football - Best Team Player - Marcus Watson
  • Cobden Bombers Netball - 17 & Under Runner Up/Most determined - Taylah McVilly
  • Cobden Bombers Netball - 13 & Under Best & Fairest Runner Up - Macey-Lee Hickey
  • Timboon Demons Football - Under 17.5 Best & Fairest Winner - Ben Bacon
  • Timboon Demons Netball - 15 & Under Best & Fairest Runner Up - Kayla Hunter
  • Simpson Tigers Football - Under 17.5 Best & Fairest Winner - Mitch Wright
  • Simpson Tigers Football-Under 17.5 Best & Fairest Runner Up -Brett Robbins
  • Simpson Tigers Football - Under 14.5 Best & Fairest Winner - Jack Hookway
  • Simpson Tigers Netball - Under 17.5 Best & Fairest Winner - Maddi Cunnington
  • Simpson Tigers Netball - Under 17.5 Best & Fairest Runner Up - Brittany Wright
  • Simpson Tigers Netball - Under 15s Best & Fairest Winner - Ally Jeffery
  • Simpson Tigers Netball - Under 15s Best & Fairest Runner Up - Tess McKenzie
  • Simpson Tigers Netball - Under 15s Best & Fairest Runner Up - Kelsey Fratantaro


Congratulations to Jack Hookway, Mitch Reed and Joshua Worboys on their selection into the Ballarat Rebels Football U15 boys team which recently competed at Moe. 

Also congratulations to Brett Robbins on his selection in the Geelong Falcons Football team, which also recently competed in the Country Cup. Brett received a medal for his best on ground performance.