Imagine a submarine pinging its way around Lake Gillear. That's what we all thought when the rains started teeming down on the Interschool Dirtbike Teams (IDT) venue at Allansford. Officials from the Warrnambool Motorcycle Club said 'it'll be dry when its dry'. And, guess what, that is exactly what happened. Within the space of a few weeks we went from Olympic type swimming pools to, would you believe, dust!?

On Friday the 3rd of November nine schools battled it out for the honour of taking home the 'Interschool Dirtbike Team Challenge' trophy. AKA 'the headless ironhorseman trophy'...

It was the eighth year of running this event and we had students from Brauer College, Lilydale High School, Cobden Technical School, Portland Secondary College, Trinity College Colac, Colac Secondary College, Emmanuel College, Terang P-12 and Timboon P-12. We'll get to the results later.

Without exception, the students displayed the IDT values of Courage, Tenacity and Sportsmanship. This was evident during the race, after the race and before proceedings got under way. Everyone co-operated, students gave freely of their talents and skills just so other schools could have a complete 'relay team'.

We saw the sportsmanship during the race when we had two minor incidents where riders would stop to care for a fellow rider. A big cheer to Sophie who's having her knee looked after and a 'courage' award to Tayla who broke her bike, said that 'it's just my back is out of alignment, that's all' and ended up being the 'barrel girl' for our raffle.

That's right, now I said something about the dust before; a big thank you to all our corner duty/flag duty volunteers. Wasn't it cold? How about the dust blowing at you if you were anywhere near the Lake Gillear end of the track. After we sorted a few volunteer mixups, everyone was gracious and pitched in to make sure the event was a safe event. And it just worked. So 'thank you!'. Which takes me to the wonderful Narelle who was our medical officer. We really just want to make you redundant and hope that the event is extremely boring. But when it wasn't you showed great professionalism, efficiency and care. And we thank you for that.

The results? Yep, soon. But first, a HUGE thank you to the Warrnambool Motorcycle Club and its officials without whom none of this is possible. A special shoutout to Rodger and Garry. Thank you too for the excellent people on starting gate, and those on flagging duties. You can't believe how vital each of these jobs are. Also a big 'thanks' to the lap scorers who try and make sense of the numbers on the bikes of the riders who are just passing by (....did you see what I just did then..). I'm sure that every lap scorer has some crazy mathematical skill they're using.

Results? Not yet, better thank our sponsors first. A big thank you and pat on the back from all our students for supporting them and making the day that bit more enjoyable. Thank you to Barry Francis Motorcycles, Autobarn, Phillip Russell Motorcycles, Warrnambool Cheese and Butter, Mora Mechanical Services, Roe Motorcycles & Mowers, Tim Campbell Motorcycles, Warrnambool Motorcycles & Gardening and last but not least, MND Victoria who is keen to get more involved with the IDT.

Did we thank Warrnambool Motorcycle Club? We should, just one more time :-)
Ah yes, the results:
Ladies: 1 Sophie Kidd, 2 Ellie Beecroft, 3 Charlotte Farley
250 2stroke/Open: 1 Ben Reid, 2 Zayne Love, 3 Mitchell Gristede
85 C: 1 Gemma Parsons, 2 Jack Dwyer, 3 Jack Campbell
85 B: 1 Kane Kohlman, 2 Brock Lewis, 3 Jayden Brough
85 A: 1 Mark Carroll, 2 Dylan Parsons, 3 Ellie Beecroft
Junior 250 B: 1 Max Koczak, 2 James Lockhart, 3 Nick Woods
Junior 250 A: 1 Jack McGee, 2 Matthew Garner, 3 Derek Findlay
Senior 250 B: 1 Harley Stuchbery, 2 Liam Jones, 3 Billy Neale
Senior 250 A: 1 Ben Reid, 2 Jacob Street
125: 1 Mark Carroll, 2 Mitchell Johnson, 3 Jett Bell
All powers over 125: 1 Ben Reid, 2 Jack McGee, 3 Max Koczak
All powers up to 125: 1 Jett Bell, 2 Dylan Parsons, 3 Mitchell Johnson
Relay Team: 1 Portland Secondary College's team, 2 Lilydale High School's team, 3 Emmanuel College's team

And finally, the overall winners for the IDT challenge trophy [AKA the headless ironhorseman trophy]
3 Cobden Technical School
2 Brauer College
The 2017 winners; Number 1 school = Lilydale High School

Well done to everyone. Better get ready for the best ever grasstrack in 2018; we'll see you all there with your mates from other schools. Tell them what a great day we had :-) BTW, we would absolutely love to have your photos, newspaper articles,school newsletter of the day's event. Contact us and we'll put in the gallery.
Bye for now from Mr.Bouman