Basic information for guardians/parents. Full details in the school's newsletter.

Bussing will be as normal. Town students go straight to the swimming pool. No passouts from the pool at all unless parent collects you. Order your salad roll today at the school canteen. You need to be at the pool by 8.50. First event starts at 9am.

Clothing: bring your bathers, towel and a sun hat, get extra points for dressing in house colours. and prizes for best dressed as well.

Points: 1 for attending, 1 for dressing in house colours, 3 points for 3rd place, 5 for second place, 10 for 1st place.

Novelty events: 14 yrs and under = cork scramble, kickboard relay

All ages = boogie board relay

17yrs and up = hungry hippo; 4 girls and 4 boys per house team

15-16yrs = lab coat relay = 4 girls and 4 boys per house team