Wednesday 5th September a tenacious bunch of year 7 and 8 students represented school at Terang Stadium. The year 8 students lost three games against Terang, Timboon and Mercy but fought hard for a win over Camperdown. The year 8 boys said the hardest team to beat on the day was Terang. The year 7 team lost two games to Mercy and Timboon but then had a very close game with Camperdown.

The year 7 team said the Timboon were the hardest team to play; they seemed to have a lot good players. Xavier Vickers coached the year 8s. Mr Leigh Grinton coached the year 7s. Mr Grinton's coaching advice to both teams was to slow down in the offence and be more courageous in the offense. Our junior team boys had cause to think about game strategy and tactics and will be even better prepared for next time.

A big 'thank you' to Mrs Savage for umpiring, organising, cajoling and encouraging everyone. Thank you to Xavier Vickers for coaching and umpiring. Thank you too to Mr Leigh Grinton for scoring and coaching and to Mr Bouman for supervision, first aid, scoring and driving the bus.