by Ryan McCluggage

We were fortunate to have Hugh McCluggage drop in to talk to the CTS footy academy students on Thursday lunchtime and share his experiences as a first year AFL player from the Hampden region. The session was ran as a question and answer interview and covered areas such as:

• His learnings so far (the pace of the game, the consistency of effort required, impacting moments of the game, playing a selfless brand of footy)
• His future goals (to be an inside midfielder and a better one on one player)
• The structure of the week (day off before game, main sessions, handball focus before weights sessions, the use of their sports psychologist, Captain’s kick the day before the game at the ground they are playing at)
• What he would differently (eating three full meals a day and eat before a game to fuel and carb load)
• Handballing and goal kicking advice (handball both hands, practice under pressure, set routine before

goal kicking – mark a spot, 8 walking steps, 4 momentum steps and 4 pre-kick steps
• Diet pre, during and post-game (carb loading, eggs on toast and cereal, sandwich before a game, a heap of protein after the game – as quickly as possible, carbohydrate gels)
• GPS data (15km a game a lot of high intensity running)
• Characteristics that are looked for by employers (reliability, honesty, ability to handle pressure, adaptability)

Brad McKenzie, Natalie Meade, Cameron Newell and Will Benallack won the trivia questions for a kick at the goal ring and Will thanked Hugh on the students’ behalf. As with all of the activities within the sporting academies, we hope the students could take away one aspect of the game and/or life and apply to their own development.