Annette Hickey

Year 12 VCAL helps Warrnambool and District Food Share

What does Warrnambool and District Food Share do? Volunteers collect food donations from local supermarkets and other food shops. The food they collect is healthy and nutritious and is either end of line, mislabelled or overrun stock quite suitable for human consumption. 

Food Share is managed by a voluntary board of directors organised by Mr Friebe. Who do they help? In 2014 over 102,000 kgs of food was distributed to over 6000 people. Their service is around Warrnambool, Moyne, Corangamite, Glenelg and Southern Grampian Districts. 

Year 12 VCAL Food Drive ? How can YOU help?

Year 12 VCAL students are organising a food drive of non-perishable goods during weeks 7 & 8 (Tuesday 14th- Friday 24th March 2017).

We would appreciate it if everyone could donate an item of food for the food drive, some items can include pasta, rice, canned fish, canned vegetables, canned fruit, cereal, canned soup, baked, beans and canned spaghetti. Perishable items like dairy products and vegetables will not be accepted.

All donations are to be taken to the canteen to be packed into boxes by the Year 12 students. They will then deliver all goods to the Warrnambool and District Food Share.  Thank you for your help. Year 12 VCAL students.