On Friday 29th of April schools from Rainbow to Lilydale to Portland came together for a fantastic sports day, a motocross sports day for secondary students. Over a hundred riders attended the interschool event which was held at a property just outside of Panmure, a town near Warrnambool, in the South West of Victoria. Once the sign-in process was completed and the scrutineering finished, the day's racing categories sprang to life. There were categories ranging from farmbikes to '250 and over' bikes. Each bike ridden by secondary students some which had only ever ridden around on their properties, some students whom had previously ridden in motocross events already.

There was a wide range of abilities and experience being shown during the day. Races like the 85cc grades, A, B and C. Or the hotly contested 'All powers' both in the '85-125' and '250' categories. Cobden Technical School students had previously met with Lilydale Secondary College students at the Phillip Island GP Superbikes excursion, where Lilydale staff indicated they were very keen to come down for the grasstrack in April. And they surely did. They send a team of 14 riders, among them a former national champion, and they were keen to put a dent in our medal and trophy tally.

It has been so dry so long and it was a bitter sweet feeling when the rains came down. The track turned from a dust bowl to a circuit pockmarked by muddy rooster tails. Most, if not all farming parents/guardians had big smiles on their faces. The steady rains did not dampen the enthusiasm of riders however it wasn't much fun for the adult volunteers on marshaling duty, getting wet inspite of the wet weather gear or the umbrellas.

Students showcased their competence, their tenacity and, on more than one ocassion, their sportsmanship. This was most evident at the last event of the day, the eagerly anticipated 'relay team' race. In the week leading up to this event, schools were asked to submit their relay teams and were asked to consider combining with other school riders to make a complete team of six riders. And, as usual, schools and students were generous by sharing their riders to ensure the relay race was a goer. And it was a great way to finish the day.

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People and organisations must be acknowledged and thanked for without them this event would be nigh on impossible to hold. Thank you to Ms Debbie Windon for endlessly chasing sponsors, organising trophies and making sure everyone's organised and sane. Thank you to Mr Malcolm Ward for the longest and busiest stint ever in the big red canteen caravan. Thank you to our Cobden Technical School and other parents and guardians for volunteering for marshaling and lap scoring duties. Thank you to our sponsors [long list following, not in any order]; Bunnings,Philip Russel motorcycles,Barry Francis motorcycles,Roe motorcycles & mowers,Centre-West motorcycles, Warrnambool Motorcyles and gardening,Peter Stevens motor cycles, Coates Hire [the absolutely vital porta-loos] Bermingham Septic services, Tim Campbell motorcyles, Warrnambool Cheese & Butter, Repco, Autobarn, Supercheap Auto, Mototech, Mora Mechanical Services, Cobden Home Timber & Hardware, Terang Community Op Shop,Cobden Tools & Trailers [sponsors of the Josh Baynes trophy], Magnum Welders and Curdie Car Care.

Underpinning a unique event of this calibre is our amazing hosting organisation the 'Warrnambool Motorcycle Club' without whose expertise, equipment, time and generosity this would not be possible at all. On behalf of all the schools involved, we would like to thank the president Mr Rick Irving and the secretary, Mr Mick Hawkes, for their continued support. If you haven't thought about becoming a member of a motocross club then now's the time to go to www.warrnamboolmotorcycleclub.weebly.com and download the membership application form.

Lastly, a HUGE thank you to Mr Sam Bennett for supplying the venue in Panmure for motocross grasstrack racing. It's simple; no venue means no event. Mr. Bennett has done his utmost to support secondary schools in this interschool sporting event and he should be congratulated on being a generous and welcoming host. Thank you from all of us.

The day's results:

Lilydale High School and Cobden Technical School drew even in the medal tally!


1 Jacob Street Lilydale High School

2 Alex Johns Christian College Geelong

3 Samantha Beecroft Lilydale High School

250 senior A

1 Billy gale Cobden Technical School

2 Ben reid Cobden Technical School

3 Kyle allen Portland Secondary College

250 senior B

1 Jack jones Mt. Clear College

2 Seth reid Cobden Technical School

3 Jack hughes Camperdown College

farmbike to 150

1 Nash jones Mt. Clear College

2 Thomas justin Mercy Regional College

3 Thomas darcy Mercy Regional College

250 junior A

1 Jack brennan Lilydale High School

2 Kieren hildebrand Portland Secondary College

3 Liam jones Cobden Technical School

250 junior B

1 Riley jones Mt. Clear College

2 Billy neal Cobden Technical School

3 Tyler Read Mercy Regional College

all powers 250 over

1 Angus Gelly Lilydale High School

2 Jack brennan Lilydale High School

3 Seth reid Cobden Technical School

all powers 85-125

1 Tyran tomich Lilydale High School

2 Cooper krezlik Mt. Clear College

3 Dylan parsons Emmanuel College Colleg

farmbikes 150-250

1 Cameron munn Portland Secondary College

2 Angus sealy Brauer College

3 Louis johnstone Mercy Regional College


1 Angus Gelly Lilydale High School

2 Ben reid Cobden Technical School

3 Billy gale Cobden Technical School

85 C

1 Jordan kidd Terang College

2 Jack nolan Cobden Technical School

3 Reily clark Christian College Geelong

85 A

1 Tyran tomich Lilydale High School

2 Dylan parsons Emmanuel College Colleg

3 Tayla street Lilydale High School

85 B

1 Cooper krezlik Mt. Clear College

2 Graham hall Brauer College

3 Flynn farrer Christian College Geelong


1 Lilydale High School

2 Brauer College

3 Cobden Technical School