Some RAILS groups looked at this Thursday 28th April. Maybe you haven't thought about it. Would you really just go for a job where you're going to be out of work in the near future? I wouldn't. So what should you avoid maybe?Emma Davis is a reporter for the ABC's 'behind the news' and she wrote the following:

There's a video at the end of this article and a career chooser.

EMMA DAVIS, REPORTER: It's a question that a lot of kids find tough to answer: What do you want to be when you grow up?

GIRL: When I'm older I want to be a chef, like the ones that make the really cool cakes.

BOY: I would like to be an engineer.

BOY: Probably a scientist or a sports doctor on a team.

GIRL: A fashion designer.

GIRL: I want to be an interior designer.

But what if some of those jobs are completely different when you're old enough to actually do them? Recently a big report was released on the future of jobs in Australia. It says that, right now, 70 per cent of young people are doing jobs that'll change or completely disappear in the future. But while that might sound bad, experts say it isn't anything new.


There are heaps of jobs that used to exist in the old days that don't anymore. Like switchboard operators who would answer and connect every phone call, lamp-lighters who, well, lit lamps, and knocker-ups, who were basically human alarm clocks, paid to wake people up for work! Those jobs aren't around now because technology’s replaced them and as machines get smarter in the future they'll be able to do even more jobs currently done by us. Whether it's driving, taking care of you, or even performing!

But experts say that a lot of jobs around right now won't disappear completely, they'll just change! So, for example, farmers will grow food with the help of new technologies and surgeons will perform some operations with robots instead of their own hands. But experts say the most important thing is to make sure that kids are being trained for how jobs will be, not how they are now.

So what are the chances that your future job is going to be replaced by a robot? Click here and type in your chosen career.