On Friday, October 8th two students were awarded the Petrie Encouragement Award.

Amy Veenstra.

Amy has always been a positive role model for her peers. She always participates in classes and works hard to complete her work and achieve the best results possible.  Amy has actively participated the Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country sports for Shenfield Blue. She always gets involved in school activities… including attending the Indonesian trip, hosting an Indonesian student and attending the SRC trivia night.

Amy is an all-round lovely person who is liked and admired by everyone at school. We at the SRC hope to see Amy take on future challenges and leadership roles at our school.  Well done Amy.

Sophie Hickey.

Sophie is a hardworking student who has always been a positive role model for her peers. She has actively participated in the Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country sports for Glenfyne Gold. Sophie always gets involved in school activities… including representing the school in netball and basketball. This year she has also hosted an Indonesian student and attended the Indonesian Tour. Sophie is a great contributor to the wider school community as a member of the Cobden Football Netball Club and Night Netball - helping out whenever needed. Well done Sophie.

What is the Petrie Encouragement Award?

This year the SRC has introduced a new award called the Petrie Encouragement Award.  We want students who do the right thing at school and who participate in all aspects of school to be recognised. Our hope is that this award becomes one of the most important awards of the school.  We will be handing one out each term.

Our award is called the Petrie Encouragement Award and it is in honour of

two ex staff members of our school who have contributed significantly to our school community. Dallas & Heather Petrie both served this school with distinction for many years.

Dallas taught Maths & Physics in the Middle & Senior Schools from the late 1976 until his retirement 2009, with a clear focus on encouraging students to strive for success and an increased understanding of both disciplines. Dallas was the bus supervisor for many years, ensuring all students arrived at school and then home again, safely.

Heather first came to school in the late 1970s as a volunteer with reading and remedial work.  She then returned in 1992 as a volunteer and helped type students’ resumes and help in the office.  She eventually started full time in 1994 where she took on the role as receptionist, keeping us all on track so that we could concentrate on our classes. Nothing was too much trouble for Heather when it came to organising any aspect of the school routine.  

Heather & Dallas’ children, Carmen and Nigel, attended the school; Carmen graduating in 1998 and Nigel in 2001, and Heather & Dallas rigorously promoted the school within the local, and wider community, (& they still do) because they felt it served their children well in their pursuits of their careers after school. 

One of their lasting contributions to the school has been their involvement in the RACV Energy Challenge, from its inception, only retiring from that commitment within the last two years, (they are both unashamed Rev Heads.) It is not an exaggeration to say that Chris Brooks could not have managed the events without Heather & Dallas; Dallas as a team captain/labourer/ideas man and Heather as the chief organiser/cook. She certainly kept 'Brooksy' on his toes as Heather was in charge of all the paperwork. Heather said it had to be done a certain way & 'Brooksy' simply followed her lead. 

Both are very committed to helping our school and students succeed in all aspects of their life and we feel epitomise the award presented.