What an inspiring time. Five students took up the challenge of working in Melbourne and headed down on Monday under the expert guidance of Reinier Bouman and Fran Clarke. As with all things brand new and far out of comfort zones, the first challenge was to get a Myki card and negotiate the public transport system. Working out directions and a tram going the wrong way started the week, but by Wednesday all students were all flying around, working out the quickest way of getting to where they
needed. Melbourne is full of characters, some good and some with a sad story to tell. Our students developed a new sense of empathy for those who are not so fortunate.

Grant worked with our favourite son Scott Lucas at Edihad Stadium, Louella was sorting books and helping the public with the catalogue system at Moonee Ponds Library,
Tess has some funny stories to tell from her time at North Melbourne Children’s Centre, notwithstanding getting a geography lesson from a 3 year old, Dexter put both his primary teaching and hospitality skills to good use at North Melbourne Primary School and Mitch experienced planes, planes and more planes at Avionics 2000 at Essendon Airport.

So what else is Melbourne about? Plenty. Students experienced classical music played in Bourke Street Mall, and then the famous painted alleyways, such as the world famous AC DC Lane dedicated to the band. Then there is the great food from many cultures, which included liquid nitrogen-fuelled icecream. How do you check out the city lights? By indoor rock climbing of course. Well done to everyone who took on this challenge, it was a biggn’! We have two rock-spiders in our midst, Mitch and Grant, who formed a terrific team to scale the walls of Franklin Street.

We’ve all learnt a little more about life, each other and that the city is not as scary as you think. Thank you to Fran and Reinier for your help, support and alternate chat site for students to debrief. Everyone took their placements seriously and with the utmost of professionalism and did Cobden Technical School proud.

Louella: “Melbourne Work Experience for me was certainly an experience. I got lost twice, got crammed into a tram and got yelled at by a homeless lady on said tram. Other than that, my actual work was really enjoyable and the staff were really friendly”.

Tess: “I was amazed that so many kids from cultures all play together and treat each other the same – there are no cultural barriers with the kids. All the staff were friendly to me and were welcoming. I like Melbourne food, especially Dex2rose – it was fabulous. I wouldn’t live right in the middle of Melbourne, but I like visiting and all of the things you can do”. by Jo Brooks