The Middle School Program is a two-year course where the electives are aimed to give students a wide variety and allow them to tailor a course that is suited to their strengths, interests and career goals.

Core subjects are English, Mathematics and Science and run as independent Year 9 and 10 subjects. Generally, the electives are mixed Year 9 and 10 classes. Each semester students select from three blocks of electives from a range of subjects across the Arts, Technology, SOSE (Geography, History, and Economics), HAPE (Health and Physical Education) and Languages (Indonesian). Students in Year 10 have an opportunity to undertake Unit 1 and 2 VCE subjects, and this year they included Health and Human Development, Physical Education, Psychology, Product Design and Technology, History, Biology, Food Technology, Legal Studies and Business Management.

Depending on class-sizes, students may also start a Certificate 2 in Building or Automotive Studies.

Here is a typical Middle School blocking sheet for student selection: