This Friday at assembly, Nigel Petrie [ex-student] will be speaking about his experiences after CTS - including his quest to break a land speed record on his modified motorbike in the documentary FLATs. If you haven't seen it, it will be playing in the Small Gym Meeting room today 1pm [lunchtime] and Thursday lunchtime.

He balances his passion with his full-time job as a metal fabricator at Ford Geelong. “He spends hours in the shed,” Mrs Petrie said. “He started off with cars and now he’s into bikes.” .“We’re car nuts as well so he got it from us.” Mrs Petrie said her son attended Cobden Technical School and was a self-taught welder.“The school was certainly a good grounding for him,” she said.

In the trailer for FLATS, Mr Petrie said the record-breaking effort came from a long-time need for speed.“That’s something that’s been in me from a kid and nothing’s changed since then,” he said. “It’s such a high being able to use and enjoy that thing that you built, I sort of find myself chasing that.”