Rohan Nowell is an ex-student who is pursuing his passion at Monash University. He is currently studying for his Phd in Surgical Robotics. When he attended at Cobden Technical School, he didn't waste his time, he studied.

He really wanted to achieve in the areas he was interested in. So now he pursues his interests in programming, haptics and photonics. What's that mean?


Haptics is interactive technologies and photonics is light and lasers to you and me. Rohanapplied for a scholarship whilst he was at university and he was successful in the robotics area. Some of the world's best medical ICT come out of our Australian university research Phds.

How can you contribute to the future? Are you ready to pursue your passion and make a real diffence to our global society? What are you interested in?

What opportunities are there for you? Go spend some time with Mr Beveridge for career info, but most of all: put your head down and study.

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