Former CTS student, Rohan Nowell is currently working towards a PhD at Monash University. “I am focusing my studies on developing miniature robotics which could be applied to endoscopic surgery; think a robot which is the size of a pencil. This robot pushes the limits of additive manufacturing techniques, colloquially known as 3D printing, due to the small size and complex components required.

This robot differs from existing endoscopic surgical robots by allowing a large amount of rotation of a tool about a single point in 3 dimensions.

I wanted to study engineering at university due to an aptitude for math’s and a desire to construct things, something that Cobden Technical School helped foster through its extensive range of hands on, technical subjects, especially participating in the RACV Energy Challenge. I attended CTS from 2004 until 2009. I particularly enjoyed science and math’s subjects, and did math methods and specialist math in Year 12, along with chemistry, physics and english. Extra-curricular activities I enjoyed were swimming and the chess club.

My studies have taken me to conferences in Sydney and Singapore, with another in Munich this year. I hope to finish my PhD sometime [early] in 2018”.