Year 7 Art

Theory and history study beginning with pre-historic art.
Practical work centred upon drawing skills with other media such as painting, printmaking and pottery incorporated.
The design elements and principles are heavily emphasised.

Year 8 Art

Year 8...

Year 7

In Digital Technologies, students engage in the processes of analysing problems, designing, developing and evaluating digital solutions, and creating and sharing information that meets a range of needs. Students are introduced to programming code in Javascript and/or Python...

Year 7

Year 7 students will be introduced to the many wonders of electricity by undertaking the following areas of study:

  • Occupational Health and Safety in the workshop.
    Use of a soldering iron to solder electronic components.
    Basic electrical circuits.
    Basic design...

Year 7 students at Cobden Technical School are provided with many opportunities to challenge their learning and interact with their peers, both inside and outside of formal classes. One such opportunity is the year level camp.

The Year 7 camp...