We are very proud of our comprehensive Health and Physical Education program at Cobden Technical School. The Years 7 and 8 programs enable students to develop physical skills through active participation in a broad range of activities.

These activities include units of work on minor games, athletics, gymnastics, fitness, field games, court games, racquet sports and modified games. Each activity has the aim of broadening students’ exposure to activities they may not otherwise have had the chance to experience, and to further enhance the skills they already possess.

Students are given the opportunity to work individually, with partners and in team situations to explore and learn various motor skills, concepts, games, rules and team tactics. There is an emphasis placed on co-operative learning, respect for others and supporting others in class activities.

Through experiencing the Junior Physical Education Program, students then move into Years 9 and 10 with the opportunity to select from a range of courses each semester, based on their own interests and endeavours. We also offer extension subjects for those students wishing to prepare to complete VCE studies in the areas of Physical Education or Health and Outdoor Education.

During all Physical Education classes, students are required wear the compulsory uniform, consisting of a green polo shirt with the Cobden Technical School logo on it.