The Mathematics’ program a Cobden Technical School covers the AusVELS curriculum and focuses on improving each student’s skills and understanding of :

  • Number and Algebra.
  • Measurement and Geometry.
  • Statistics and Probability.

The Maths Department places a strong emphasis on students’...

Classroom Music

  • In Year 7 and Year 8, students will:-
    Concentrate on developing basic skills on the keyboard, guitar and drums.
    Be introduced to music theory, learn how to read bass and treble clef and basic music notation.
    Learn pieces for performance.

We are very proud of our comprehensive Health and Physical Education program at Cobden Technical School. The Years 7 and 8 programs enable students to develop physical skills through active participation in a broad range of activities.

These activities include...

In Year 7, students are introduced to the knowledge and skills of the metalwork industry. Students cover areas of safety in the workshop and the appropriate use of tools and equipment before any practical work is commenced. Once students have...