The Mathematics’ program a Cobden Technical School covers the AusVELS curriculum and focuses on improving each student’s skills and understanding of :

  • Number and Algebra.
  • Measurement and Geometry.
  • Statistics and Probability.

The Maths Department places a strong emphasis on students’ bookwork and organisation, where thinking strategies and problem solving techniques are developed and articulated. By establishing these skills in Year 7, students are equipped for study in their later years including VCE and beyond.

We structure our Mathematics curriculum to meet the individual needs of our students. We use a mix of hands-on activities, textbook questions, handouts and incorporate ICT  activities, such as Maths 300 and Mathletics to engage students and individualise pathways.

To monitor each student’s progress, assessment is completed prior to, during and after each topic. Homework tasks focus on further strengthening each student’s skills  and compliments the activities being undertaken in class, as well as revising basic arithmetic and previously learned topics.