We seek your support as families of students at the school to ensure that correct uniform is worn.  When your child does not have the correct uniform, a note should be provided for your child’s Mentor (House Group teacher).  Uniform will be checked by the Mentor at roll marking, and a uniform pass issued.  If, for some reason, your child is repeatedly out of uniform, your child’s Mentor or one of the House leaders, will make contact with home to discuss what can be done to help get your child back into correct uniform.

Shoes must be sturdy and safe for participation in classes and, for this reason, we insist on leather shoes for all boys and girls.

The wearing of patterned or coloured clothes under the school polo shirt or summer dress is not acceptable.  We seek your support in ensuring that appropriate plain white singlets or t-shirts are available for your child to wear under their polo shirt or dress for comfort or additional warmth.  We hope that everyone understands the simple expectations in relation to the standard of uniform worn and supports us in having our students look good and learn that clothing standards are a normal part of work life

While we encourage students to do the right thing, there are consequences for those who choose not to meet the standard expected by the school.

All students are expected to wear a broad rimmed hat when outside in the sun. The school's hat can be purchased at Reicha's in Cobden.